1. Hello Hollis. I'm a novelist based in Northampton and Writer in Residence at Forbes Library there. I'm trying to -- quickly! -- pull together a panel on writer in residence programs a libraries to pull together for the Boston Book Fest Unbound event on Oct 19, and wonder if you'd be interested in participating. If it's okay to use your bio here, all I'd need is a yes. It would be an hour-long presentation with two or three other panelists, so you'd be speaking for 10-15 minutes. The bad news: the deadline is this Monday -- June 15, so a quick response would be much appreciated! Apologies for the short notice. My email address is: Here's a link to more about Boston Book Fest Unplugges:

    Here's a bit more about me and the program at Forbes library:

  2. Hi Hollis!
    I'm the new Associates of the BPL Children's Writer in Residence and just wanted to send a cordial invite to the reception next week:
    It's Oct 14 at 6PM at the Central Library. I'd love to see you there! I'd also love to just chat sometime about your experiences with the fellowship. I'm so thrilled I can hardly stand it. :)
    Natalie Anderson

    1. Dear Natalie,

      Congratulations! And yes, it is a thrill that is never recedes! What a gift to us as writers and what a positive message about the work we do. I would be delighted to speak with you about my time at the BPL and to hear about your work, please email me any time at And I'm hoping to make in Friday. Good luck with your reading. It's a warm, wonderful crowd and an inspiring venue! Hollis