Saturday, December 15, 2012

Local Pioneer

Not long ago, I had a visit from Taylor Resteghini from the Pioneer Charter School of Science in Everett, MA.  Taylor is in her final year at PCSS, and is working on her senior project, which combines her interests in cross cultural connections, children's literature, and art. Recently Taylor completed another People to People program, which took her to South Africa as a "student ambassador" to interact with her peers there and experience the local customs.  As every writer and artist knows, traveling is always fertile territory for the imagination, and so it was for Taylor, whose experience of the the people, places, and cultures  of South Africa inspired an idea for a picture book comparing the lives of children in the in the townships, to the lives of American children.  Taylor is an artist as well as a storyteller, and plans to illustrate her text with pencil drawings. She has promised me an illustration from her project soon, if only she can take time away from those college applications and school visits!  Good luck, Taylor, and we look forward to seeing the final project!

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